Megan Rapinoe’s Speech: ‘It’s time to come together’


I think I’ll just end with this. This is my charge to everyone. We have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We got to listen more, and talk less.

We got to know this is everybody’s responsibility, every single person here.

Every single person who is not here.

Every single person who doesn’t want to be here.

Every single person who agrees and doesn’t agree. It is our responsibility to make this world a better place.

I think this team does an incredible job of taking that on our shoulders and understanding the position that we have and the platform we have within this world.

Yes we play sports. Yes we play soccer. Yes we’re female athletes but we’re so much more than that.

You’re so much more than that.

You’re more than a fan. You’re more than someone who just supports sport.

You’re more than someone who tunes in every four years.

You’re someone who walks these streets every single day.

You interact with your community every single day.

How do you make your community better?

How do you make the people around you better?

Your family?

Your closest friends?

The 10 closest people to you?

The 20 closest people to you?

The most 100 closest people to you? It’s every single person’s responsibility.

There’s been so much contention in these last years.

I’ve been a victim of that. I’ve been a perpetrator of that.

With the fight with the federation, ‘sorry for some of the things I said, not all of the things’.

But it’s time to come together. This conversation is at the next step.

We have to collaborate. It’s takes everybody.

This is my charge to everybody, ‘Do what you can. Do what you have to do. Step outside of yourself. Be more. Be better. Be bigger than you’ve ever been before’.

If this team is any representation of what you can be, when you do that please take this as an example.

This group is incredible.

We took so much on our shoulders to be here today, to celebrate with you today. And we did it with a smile. So do the same for us. Please, I ask you.

New York City, you’re the mother fucking best.