Broadcast to the nation

Something unique occurred yesterday in Israel, and only future generations will be able to evaluate the full historical significance of the event. It is now up to all of us, acting out of a sense of Jewish fraternity, to devote every ounce of our strength to building and defending the State of Israel, which still faces a titanic political and military struggle.

Now is not the time for boasting. Whatever we have achieved is the result of the efforts of earlier generations no less than our own. It is also the result of unwavering fidelity to our precious heritage, the heritage of a small nation that has suffered much, but at the same time has won for itself a special place in the history of mankind because of its spirit, faith and vision.

At this moment let us remember with love and appreciation the three generations of pioneers and defenders who paved their way for later achievements, the men who created Mikve Israel, Petach Tikva, Rishon Lezion, Zichron Yaakov and Rosh Pina, as well as those who recently established settlements in the Negev desert and the Galilee hills; the founders of Hashomer and the Jewish Legion, as well as the men who are now locked in fierce battle from Dan to Beer Sheva. Many of these about whom I have spoken are no longer among the living, but their memory remains forever in our hearts and in the heart of the Jewish people.

The State of Israel was established yesterday and its Provisional Government has already turned to the nations of the world, great and small, in the East and in the West, announcing its existence and its desire to cooperate with the United Nations in the interests of international peace and progress. We have received unofficial reports that several countries have recognized the State of Israel. The first official recognition came from the government of the United States of America. We hope that other nations in the East and in the West will soon follow suit. We are in contact in this matter with all members of the United Nations and with the United Nations itself.

But we should not deceive ourselves by thinking that formal diplomatic recognition will solve all our problems. We have a long thorny path ahead of us…We must never forget that our security ultimately depends on our own might.

We must prepare to receive our brethren from the far-flung corners of the Diaspora; from the camps of Cyprus, Germany and Austria, as well as from all the other lands where the message of liberation has arrived. We will receive them with open arms and help them to strike roots here in the soil of the Homeland.

The State of Israel calls on everyone to faithfully fulfill his duties in defense, construction and immigrant absorption. Only in this way can we prove ourselves worthy of the hour.

Enviado por Enrique Ibañes