Speech to Iraqis

In the name of God, the most gracious, the Most Merciful; oh, great people; oh, honorable members of our armed forces; oh, sons of our glorious Arab nation; oh, honorable people of the world:

Once again, the hopeless cowardly Americans were back to repeat their cowardly act hiding behind a technological advance that God, most gracious, wanted it to be their curse and cause for shame.

The aggressors came back launching their failed cowardly raids to commit a damned third attack which has very significant implications. The courageous resistance and great steadfastness of the noble Iraqi people gave the aggressors what they deserved. They will be taught a lesson and their wanton attack will be resisted.

The missile attack on Iraq took place around 9 o’clock this morning, 3rd of September 1996, corresponding to 20th Rabi’ Athani 1417 Hijri. This is going to be a glorious day. The Iraqi people will, in the name of God, add to their honorable record. It will be a day when the cowardly aggressors will be condemned by both history and the whole world, having been condemned by God Almighty.

Oh, Iraqi people and members of the brave Iraqi armed forces, the apple of our eye, this is another day you can call your own. So, resist them as you have done. God Almighty wishes you to take your pride of place under the sun and on the heights of your good land.

We have come to expect you — and your people and the Arab nation are calling upon you — to resist them and teach them a new lesson full of meanings their weak and empty souls do not know.

Oh, men of our air defenses and our air hawks, from now on consider as non-existent their damned imaginary no-fly zones above 36 parallel and below 32 parallel. Strike with efficiency and competence, in the name of God, any of the aggressors’ planes which violate the air space of your great country and everywhere in Iraq, now and in the future.

The free peoples of the world and the sons of our glorious Arab nation can rest assured that proud, glorious and defiant Iraq is safe. Iraq is as powerful as high mountains. It will not be shaken by the winds of evil; neither will it be frightened, God willing, by the hiss of vipers.

The sons of the Land of Two Rivers were more than a match to the enemy; they downed a large number of its missiles.

God foiled the aggression and the aggressors and, thanks be to God, we only suffered light losses in the failed attack.

May God bless the souls of our honorable martyrs.

God is greater, God is greater.

May the cowards be defeated.