Stefan Löfven’s Speech at memorial ceremony at Stockholm City Hall


Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Excellencies, Swedes, people of Stockholm, friends,

Losing a loved one is the most terrible thing that can happen in a person’s life.

I have thought so much about those of you who on Friday lost someone you loved more than anything in the world.

You now carry with you the memories – of conversations, looks, laughs – alongside your unfathomable loss.

I just want to say this: you are not alone. Our thoughts are with you. Sweden is with you.

* * *

And so many people have done so much for their fellow human beings in the last few days.

Sweden’s brave police officers. Our highly skilled emergency services. Our fantastic medical professionals.

And all of you who discovered the hero within you, who offered help and consolation.

We cannot thank you enough.

Your actions make Sweden proud, and are a testament to people’s incredible capacity in times of adversity.

You put me in mind of the following lines by priest and author Anders Frostenson:

«Our own wounds are healed when we heal the wounds of others.
Bowed down by burdens, we are carried.

From the solace I gave another, solace my own heart received.
In going to one who needed me, I came home.»

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

You were put to the test. You stood firm. You have the gratitude of an entire country.

* * *

And I know that we will get through this as we in Sweden have always done: together.

The strength, the resolve, the steadfast values that Sweden has demonstrated in the last few days can never be taken from us by a murderer.

Our unity will always be stronger than the forces that seek to tear us apart.

Our way of life will never be suppressed.

Our democracy will triumph over fundamentalism.

* * *


Sweden, Belgium and the United Kingdom stand together in mourning the citizens we have lost.

Our three countries have suffered horrendous acts of terrorism.
But we have also seen the strength, determination and power of our democratic societies.

We will never surrender to terror. We will get through this, together.