Resignation speech as president of Indonesia

In the name of God the All-Mighty,

Fellow members of the nation and the motherland,

Assalamualaikum Warrachmatullahi Wabarakatu, (Moslem traditional greeting)

During these recent times, I have been following carefully the development of our national situation, especially the aspirations of the people for reforms in all sectors in the life of our nation and state.

Based on my deep understanding of these aspirations and prompted by the conviction that these reforms need to be implemented in an orderly, peaceful and constitutional manner for the sake of maintaining the unity and cohesion of the nation, and the continuity of the national development, I declared a plan to form the committee for reform and to change the composition of the Seventh Development cabinet.

But, the reality to date has shown that the said committee for reform cannot be materialized because there was no adequate response to the plan to form that committee.

In the wish of implementing these reforms in the best manner possible, I deem that faced with the impossibility of forming the committee, changes in the composition of the Seventh Development Cabinet are no longer necessary.

Considering the above development, I am of the opinion that it would be very difficult for me to implement in a good manner, duties in governing the state and in development.

Therefore, in line with article 8 of the 1945 Constitution and after earnestly taking into consideration the views of the leadership of People’s Representatives Council (parliament) and the leadership of the factions in it, I have decided to declare that I have ceased to be the president of the Republic of Indonesia as of the time I read this on this day, Thursday, May 21, 1998.

I have conveyed this statement, about me stepping down from the post of president of the Republic of Indonesia, to you, leaders of the People’s Representatives Council who are also the leaders of the People’s Consultative Assembly, during the opportunity for a meeting.

In line with article 8 of the 1945 constitution, the vice president of the Republic of Indonesia, professor, doctor, engineer B.J. Habibie is the one who will conclude the remainder of the presidential term, holder of the mandate of the MPR, for 1998-2003.

For the assistance and support of the people while I led the nation and state of Indonesia, I express my thanks and I seek forgiveness if there was any mistakes and shortcomings.

May the Indonesian nation remain victorious with Pancasila and the 1945 constitution.

As of this day too, the Seventh Development Cabinet is outgoing and to the ministers I express my thanks.

Because conditions do not allow the taking of oath in front of the People’s Representative Council, to prevent a vacuum of leadership in implementing the governing of the state, the vice president should now take his oath before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Enviado por Enrique Ibañes