Morsi’s post-coup speech

In God’s Name the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

I address all Egyptians, the opposition and the supporters, and would like to raise their children and grandchildren in a modern state, the Egyptian state, a state that we all deserve, that has access to all the instruments of stability, production capacity, development and true freedom and social justice, and grand value which Egypt deserves to be given among the countires of the world. Egypt has been invaded many times throughout history, and its enemies came between its people and its potential to be the state with the true message, and a state that produces enough for its needs, where its citizens have their own will. That is evident throughout imperialist history, and the several revolutions came after that, with the last one, also the greatest one, the revolution of the 25th of January 2011. When we all stood in all the squares to say to the ciminal tyrant that he must leave. And it happened. But as you know, there remained tails and claws, and there remained the deep state, and the vandals and many challenges remained, and the Egyptian people succeeded, with God’s blessing, to conduct free and clean elections, in the last year 2012, and I was elected president of the republic in free and clean elections, witnessed by everyone in Egypt and abroad, and from that date I have been putting forth every effort, so that Egypt can own its will, and so that the children of Egypt can have their true freedom, and so that the children of Egypt can have an effective role in the progress of their nation and in moving forward towards wider horizons; to real productivity, to a large role that awaits them and which they deserve. And what has prevented this is the shortness of the duration, one year, and the many challenges that you have all seen, how they have confronted us and how we have confronted them [challenges]. And now, with what is happening on the ground, I have tried and will cotinue to spare all Egyptians any kind of collision, or acts of violence or fighting, because every drop of Egyptian blood is dear to me and I do not accept nor approve nor will allow that this pure blood to fall. The objective is stability for Egypt and success of the revolution.

I see now, oh Egyptians, that this revolution is being stolen from us, and that it is desired for us to be submerged in a sea of never ending conflicts, and argument that only results in regression for this nation, and to enter into spirals of demnads to change the leadership and this situation could be repeated several times. You have seen with me, that those that protected the legitimacy that we all have participated in creating, you have seen with me that there has been some backtracking in that field and you see with me too that I am president of the republic and very protective of this legitimacy and for that reason I have over the past few days contacted all the political forces and with the participation of the armed forces so that we can arrive at an initiative acceptable to all parties. But the forces and parites that support the legitimacy and protect, they put forth an initiative to the presidency, it includes many points and topics, one of which is changing the government or solving the prosecuter general issue, judicially, and that was decided today in a verdict that is being studied on how to be implemented, and that initiative also included a social contract to negotiate on how to move forward, and among the suggetions in that initiative as well was a speedy conduction of the upcoming parliamentary elections so that we can create a parliament in accordance with the already erect Egyptian constitution, that is considered a huge achievement among others of the great revolution of the 25 of January. Many forces cooperated to abort all these attempts to continue all the phases of the revolution, that we had agreed upon previously. This initiative also suggests that there be a pledge of honor for dialogue, for the media, that is playing a role that you all know. Many of the media outlets are being used to destroy what we have started and what we have built together. In this initiative also, that we will all respect the legitimacy and the constitution that is in effect and the state’s law. In this initiative also, there is enough to ensure to all forces in the nation each their role, where their generousity can be appreciated, so that we can move forward in the next phase, in cooperative and complimentary harmony, so that we never be at conflict.

What I see now, is that there are desperate attempts for this revolution to be stolen, so that we can return to square one, so we can start anew, which I absolutely refuse, I do not accept it and I do not agree to it. And I put a direct order, to all the forces, in the institutions, interior security forces, and the armed forces, that their role in the keeping of the security of the nation, should be a prominent and clear role, and that they stop the blood shed, and that they also protect the legitimacy, that we all earned as a result of the presidential elections and before that the parliamentary elections and after that the constitutional referendum. So those, who are the sons of this nation, are asked to protect the legitimacy and to protect this nation, and that constitutional legitimacy and legal legitimacy, and that the voice of the people, of this people that have erected this legitimacy, would be the reason to protect this nation.

There is no path other than that of constitutional legitimacy and law that is in effect now.

We must proceed towards parliamentary elections, with rapid steps, to form the new parliament.

We must protect the constitution, that was written and on which was conducted a referendum, and which was approved by 64% of Egyptians, and have settled on its content of articles, and which has been settled on by the egyptian judiciary, where verdicts were issued by many courts, one of which is the constitutional court based on this constitution. Not only that, but the constitutional court was reshuffled, according to this constitution. And now, it is demanded that this constitution is suspended, I absolutlely refuse that, and call on you to protect it and to hold on to it, and to not accept any alternative to it.

The only option before you, I announce to you, that I am the elected president of Egypt, and that the constitution of Egypt commands respect by all, and that Egyptian law is in effect, till ammendents that need to be made are effected, in accordance with this constitution. The parliamentary elections must be held, under full juduciary supervision and to be managed by the electoral committee, that is known and defined in this constitution, and that these elections be secured by the armed forces, and even before that, the Ministry of interior and the police.

The world is watching us, and we know ourselves, we are able to overcome obstacles. We are the children of egypt, of this nation, this is the will of Egyptians, and this will cannot be canceled with the passage of one year. How can this happen? And wha world do we live in? We live in a world that speaks of democracy . There cannot be a special tailored democracy for Egypt alone, democracy must be the right of Egyptians to freedom, and to practice democracy like it has been known and defined by this world. Democracy, the choice of the majority, and to follow this will once the results of this process have been announced. The results of this process have been announced, so why do we want to stop this progress. Do we want blood to be shed? We can never accept that, and I call on you only to stop the bloodshed, and not to fall into the swamp of fighting, because if that happens, this nation will be in great danger. We are now before a big historical challenge. We will all stand before God for reckoning, so that God will ask us: What did you do with what was entrusted to you? So here I am making you an offer, the only offer, and that is to hold onto legitimacy and to for the constitution to continue under its umbrella, after it has been adopted in the great referendum that took place on the 25th of last december 2012, and under which we lived for the last 6 months until now. There is no other legitimacy, it cannot be, and it is not acceptable, I do not accept this at all, and I do not approve for you to battle over it, I order you not to fight, and I do not accept for you to regress. And I do not accept for myself to let there be a new legitimacy. A shifting legitimacy every few months is chaos and has no law and has no reference, it is a regress of the nation to an old situation, when we had decided that this nation be stable after the Jan 25 revolution.

Esteemed people, citizens of Egypt everywhere, wherever you are, this is our nation, this is our nation, and we live in it under the sky of our Lord, and we know the truth of all that is plotted against us and you know it too. And you realize that what is being plotted against us is big. And I address everyone, I address everyone, to the supporters and the opposition and the judiciary, and the workers, peasants and the men of the ministry of interior and those of the armed forces and all parts of the Egyptian people, you are the children of Egypt, and the owners of this nation, you are the ones capable of protecting its security with the blessing of God.

And the biggest responsibility now, is that we ensure it security and that of its people and keep their blood from being shed through holding onto the legitimacy that we have brought forth together, I stand with you and I stand amongst you. I will continue with you to protect this legitimacy, and I have no deterrent, as I had mentioned before, months ago, weeks ago, days ago and again now. I am ready for everyone to come to the table, and for me to sit, to negotiate with all, and to have dialogue with all, from the supporters and the opposition and the initiative that I have mentioned to you today, that I accepted and about which you know all the details now, so that we can save our nation through an effective sincere dialogue, and move forward. If otherwise occurs, that will be the responsibility of those who have pushed for it. Their responsibility will be before God and history and this people. No one who has been given power by this people, which belongs to this people, no one can impose their opinion using this power, that they do not own, even myself. I do not apply pressure to the people to keep them from affecting their will , that is unacceptable by me or by others.

So, we all hold on to legitimacy, we all respect the constitution, we all respect the law, we all love our nation, our Egypt, we love our Grand Arab nation, we love this world we live in, we love to be citizens of this world, that calls for peace, and carry that which leads to it, and perform their duties. And here I am performing my duty towards you all. There is no alternative to legitimacy, there is no alternative to the constitution, there is no alternative to the law, there is no alternative to the respect of the will. I appreciate that there would be opposition, strong and effective. But I also see huge support. And I see at my back in recent history, a year ago, then six months ago, the will of the people, which has been affected through a legal process, and has taken place in a process approved by all, and accepted by all, and we have lived under it for a year, and that was the evidence of acceptance, and evidence towards respect of the constitution, and it was evidence that there is no alternative to it. But, when we come today and say that we must stop this progress and return to square one again, this does not take us forward and does not put us in a position for real development, and does not bring us closer to being truly free in our nation. We do not accept that anyone impose their will. This people, have matured, and has sufficient awareness to protect themselves, blood, dignity, freedom and the legitimacy under which they live . This is my message to you, I pronounce it clearly. I am with you, standing with you in Egypt, upon its soil, to protect the legitimacy and to conduct our dealings throught it, and that God watching over it all. Oh people of Egypt, know this, that we do cannot be protective of our religion more than God is capable to be. And cannot be more protective of this nation more than our Lord, and we work under the hope of being just, we want justice for our nation, we want freedom for all the citizens of Egypt, we want to protect the already standing legitimacy, and we want social justice. I call on everyone, to be a guardian of this nation, and to protect this legitimacy, constitution and the law.

And “know that God is victorious, but most people do not know it”.
It is in God’s hands, and we only have our will in our hands, and I announce here that we love this nation, and our adherence to the already erected legitamcy, and there is no way but that path, and no way back from it. I thank you, and I offer you my salutes and love, and wish you all the success, with you and through you and with God’s blessing and will, we move forward, and may God help us. Bless you all. Salam Alaikum…

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