Just like Franco in Spain

«They are finished, they are wiped out. From tomorrow you will only find our people. You all go out and cleanse the city of Benghazi. A small problem that has become an international issue. And they are voting on it tonight … because they are determined. As I have said, we are determined. We will track them down, and search for them, alley by alley, road by road, the Libyan people all of them together will be crawling out. Massive waves of people will be crawling out to rescue the people of Benghazi, who are calling out for help, asking us to rescue them. We should come to their rescue.

«And I, Muammar Gaddafi, I will die for my people. With Allah’s help.

«No more fear, no more hesitation, we are no longer reluctant. The moment of truth has come. If you see the cars with loudspeakers, destroy them, destroy their communications points that are spreading lies to you. Our children are the one’s who have destroyed these planes.

«Just like Franco in Spain, who rolled into Madrid with external support. And they asked how did you manage to liberate Madrid? He said: ‘There was a fifth column, the people of the city.’ You are the fifth column within the city. This is the day on which we should liberate the city. We’ve been looking forward to that day. And tomorrow we will communicate again, and our cause will continue towards the south.

«With our bare chests and heads we were confronting the dangers, facing the challenge, we did not initiate this violence, they started it. Of course, these words will have an impact on the traitors and infidels. Tonight they will panic and they will collapse.

«You are capable of doing it. You are capable of achieving this. Let’s set our women and daughters free from those traitors.

«God is great.»