Jerusalem Quds Day Address

O God, hasten the reappearance of the Hidden Imam and grant him health and victory and make us his true companions and believers and those who testify to his rightfulness.
I would like to extend my congratulations in advance to you the faithful people, the great Iranian nation and human society on the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr. Moreover, I would like to congratulate you, particularly the youth, for using the opportunity of al-Qadr nights (three or four nights of the religious month of Ramadan. Muslims believe the first verses of the Koran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad during these nights. They also believe that their fate in the following year is decided by God during these nights so they pray all night long for mercy and salvation). I hope that the Almighty God will grant the best and most beautiful fate to the Iranian nation and humanity by the grace of sending salutations to Muhammad and His household.
My dear ones, today is ‘Qods Day’. It is beginning for saving Palestine and humanity from the domination of global tyrants. Thirty years ago, our late Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini), who was inspired by God, called this day ‘Qods Day’. He opened the path of dignity, freedom, and pride for our nation and other nations. ‘Qods Day’ is a day of unity among the Iranian nation, Muslims, and human society against the corrupt and tyrant powers. By the grace of God, after 30 years, ‘Qods Day’ has turned to an important and determining day for the entire world. Today, ‘Qods Day’ is a global day. There is a new frontline in the world. On one side of this frontline, there are all freedom and justice-seekers, monotheists, and pious people and on the other, there are international arrogant powers, colonialists, criminals and thieves. The question is why this has happened and why the issue of Palestine is so important that the fate of the international community is connected to the developments in the Palestinian territories.

Fortunately, our nation and many other nations are familiar with the history of establishment of the ominous Zionist regime. Before the First World War, certain noises were made in order to organize an evil current to dominate the entire world. Using their colonial experiences, they plotted to dominate all nations and the world’s material and intellectual properties. After the First World War, they abused the ignorance of the nations and Muslims of the region, and they put Palestine under the trusteeship of the old colonialist, Britain. They provided an opportunity for the organized criminal Zionists and they rushed into Palestine. Under the cover of buying farms, gardens, and lands, they occupied a major part of the land by the use of weapons and carrying out massacres and assassinations. By the help of the British government and relying on her force, they displaced the people.
Before the Second World War, the noises and activities were intensified. In European countries, a complicated show started which was called anti-Semitism. Of course, some governments and their people have always abhorred the Jews because of indecent behavior by some of the Jews and they were willing to evict the Jews out of Europe. However, some European governments and statesmen and the Zionist network did the main plot of anti-Semitism. They produced hundreds of films. They wrote hundreds of books and circulated rumors. They started a psychological war in order to make them (the Jews) escape to Palestine.
Four or five years after the Second World War, all of a sudden they claimed that during this war, the Holocaust had occurred. They claimed that a few million Jews had been burned in the crematorium furnaces. They institutionalized two slogans. One was the innocence of the Jews. They used lies and very sophisticated propaganda and psychological ploys and created the illusion that they (the Jews) are innocent. The second goal was that they created the illusion that the Jews needed an independent state and government.
They were so persuasive and convincing that many of the world’s politicians and intellectuals were deceived and persuaded. During the past four years, I have made comments about this false innocence. I don’t want to repeat all of them. But I would like to talk about how authentic and genuine this innocence is. I asked them this question: If the Holocaust, which you claimed to have happened, is real why don’t you allow research to be carried out on it?» People are free to carry out research on anything. But this is a hidden secret. It’s a black box which they won’t allow to be opened and examined. This is so they can exploit this issue. I tell them that this issue which is very important and being used as an excuse to occupy a country and has caused a few wars, resulted in the displacement of millions of people and the death and injury of hundreds of thousands of people, families have been destroyed, and the whole Middle East region has lived with threats and instability. If this incident is so important, why don’t you allow this issue to be declassified and studied so that the facts behind this issue are made clear to all nations?
Today, Palestine is the most important world issue. If a war occurs in Iraq we believe that it is due to Zionist instigation. If a war occurs in Afghanistan it’s due to Zionist instigation. If a suppression takes place in Sudan it is due to Zionist temptations. To tell you the truth, we believe all the arrogant and usurper plans are initiated by the Zionists. Palestine is the world’s most important issue. Why won’t you allow the main issue which is being used as a pretext to occupy Palestine to be studied and researched.
I also asked them: Let’s presume that the Holocaust happened, where did it occur? Did it occur in a place other than Europe? Who are claiming to have carried out such a thing? European governments! Where did anti-Semitism start? In Europe! Who initiated anti-Semitism? European officials and politicians!» They did this so they could force out a number of people from Europe and accommodate them in Palestine. Up until now, they have been adopting two contradictory approaches in parallel with one another. On the one hand, they initiated anti-Semitism themselves and on the other they are fully supporting the Zionists’ crimes. This means that they are exploiting both situations to their advantage. They use the later to prepare the stage for the Zionists to commit crimes and on the other they support their crimes. Both of these approaches are aimed at securing imperialistic goals.
They are all aimed at securing their domination over our region and the world. But they claim that they (the Zionists) have a right to an independent homeland. But what will happen if we accept this logic and grant this right to various races and populations around the world? I think before granting them these rights, the American Indians have to be granted this right. This is because hundreds of millions of American Indians lived in a vast land and had their own cultures and traditions. You attacked them and carried out vast killing and massacred them in their millions and occupied their land. If we accept that they (the Zionists) should have an independent Jewish state in Palestine or on the land belonging to others then we have to definitely accept that the American lands have to be handed back to the Indians. Do you know how many sects, tribes, and races are living in Europe and making the same claims? If we accept this logic, then 72 independent countries have to be established in Europe. Countries such as Russia have to be broken up. Then what do you think will happen in the world? Will one be able to find a safe and secure place in the world? This logic lays the foundation of insecurity in the world and widespread wars in the world. This logic will prompt everyone to take up arms and use weapons to resolve their problems. This logic is an inhuman and wrong logic.
Let’s presume that we ignorantly accepted this logic in the case of the Jews. Now the question is where should they be based? Who has oppressed them? Why should they be based in Palestine? Why shouldn’t they be based in America, Canada, or Europe so that you can support them and provide their security and they don’t have any concerns? We don’t have any problem with them being based in America. Of course, they want to be generous using other people’s resources. Why do the Palestinians have to pay for the damage? You are blatantly claiming that you have carried out a crime. So you should be tried and pay the price. You can’t carry out a crime for which the Palestinian people and our regional countries have to pay the price. As the poem goes: «A locksmith committed a sin in Balkh, but instead they executed a coppersmith in Shushtar.»
What is the sin of the Palestinian nation? Of course, the regional nations have committed a big sin and that is historical negligence at the beginning of the 20th century. This negligence provided the opportunity for the enemy to come and take control of a bridgehead at the heart of the Middle East and the Muslim world. The criminals have come under the pretext and claim of a crime in which the people of the region played no role, and occupied the land. More than 60 years of crime, several significant wars, millions of refugees and thousands of prisoners, every day assassination, every day missile attack, homes and farms are set on fire, homes are ruined under bulldozers, blood is shed, every day the regional countries are threatened by the criminal Zionists, not just the countries of the region but the whole world are under the threat of the Zionists every day. They have made all the criminals of the world proud.
My dear ones, the pretext used to establish the Zionist regime was a lie and a corrupt act. It was a lie based on a fabricated claim that cannot be proven ( holocaust-TG) . The occupation of the Palestinian land had no connection with the issue of holocaust. The claim, the pretext, and the masterminds are all fraudulent and corrupt. They are all historical criminals. They are responsible for plundering and colonizing the world for the past 500 years. Even if we accept their claims, we must take all of them to court and punish them. Today, the pretext and the solution, which is the occupation of other’s lands, are shady, and the masterminds are themselves cruel and corrupt.
It is obvious what comes out of a mixture of a few corrupt people and a few corrupt acts. It leads to the emergence of a regime and criminals who do as they please. This Zionist regime is an evil tree (referring to a story in the Koran) in the true sense of the word. Its roots, leaves, and trunk are all about crime, cruelty, and corruption against humanity. (Chants of death to Israel) It is very obvious that this fake regime was set up form the word go with the aim of colonizing and plundering. There was not the slightest humanitarian or logical wisdom in the preparations for setting up this regime. The existence of this regime means continuous threats, continuous insecurity, spread of the network of dominance and arrogance in the world.
Therefore, my dear ones, confronting this regime and standing against the Zionists not only is a national issue but also a matter of belief and religion and Islam as well as a humanitarian act. Why is it a national matter? Because this regime threatens the national security and independence of regional nations. This regime has come to put an end to the independence of nations. It has come to harm the national security of the regional countries. Therefore, national security and interests of every single country in the region call for standing against the Zionist regime with full force. They are after creating divide and continuous conflict and creating distance between the nations in the region. Therefore, nations should stand up to them. Countering this regime is a matter of belief, religious conviction, and an Islamic matter. Why? Because they have no religion whatsoever. It is a big lie to assume the Zionists on the same level as the Jews or Christians. They are neither Jews nor Christians, nor do they have any religion. They are against divine religions. They have come to destroy all the values brought by God’s prophets.
Look and you will notice that the Zionists are behind the network of cultural onslaught of countries. They are behind the network of destruction of human values. The basis of their dominance over the world is the destruction of religious culture and human values. Wherever they could influence exalted cultures, they dominated. They are symbols of lies, deceit, and grudges. They are against Christianity, Islam, and against Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad. It is particularly important and a matter of belief for us Muslims to stand against them. They are chopping up our Muslim brothers and sisters. Standing against the oppressor and supporting the innocent is an undeniable religious principle of Islam. They are killing people, making people homeless and assassinating them. It is obvious that united Muslim nations cannot be indifferent.
Our dear Imam said: Where there is cruelty, we will be present. He said: As long as there is oppression, there is resistance, and as long as there is resistance, God willing, we will be there too. Confronting this regime is a humanitarian act. The sheer existence of this regime is an insult to the greatness of mankind. They start the fabricated holocaust story, tell lies, play roles, start the anti-Semitism move and then raise the flag of support for Jews. They sacrifice all human values for this regime. Note that when a cat’s foot is run over by a car, they issue human rights resolutions, or when someone trips over in the street and grazes his arm a little, they issue tens of human rights resolutions, but the human rights claims fade away and become irrelevant when it comes to their own actions. They give support to all types of crime and then whitewash them. They categorically support crime. When it come to countries like ours where 100 percent free elections are held, they find someone in a corner and get some form of comment out of him and then start a commotion that freedom has been harmed. But when it comes to Palestine, there is no such thing as freedom and freedom and human rights have no meaning for the people of Palestine. They chant the slogan of democracy. When 40 million come and vote in the freest elections in the history of mankind, they say no, there is no democracy. But they do not permit the people of Palestine to decide their own fate. When democracy reaches Palestine it is sacrificed at the feet of the murderous Zionist government. This regime has been given absolute authority by the big powers. It is totally protected no matter what crime or corruption it commits.
My dear ones, Today this regime is free to commit any crime. They (the West) prepare the ground for the Zionist’s infiltration in the world and when it comes to signing an agreement they set the precondition that: You have to recognize the Zionist regime, establish relations with them, sign agreements and then we can help you. Therefore, countering the Zionists is a humanitarian act. Note what they did in the 33-day war and how many people they killed, how many women and children they killed in the 22-day war. It has been nearly three years that the people of Gaza have been living under food, water, and medicine blockade. These powers do not make a sound. There is no human rights there, no humanity. Children are torn to pieces in the arms of their mothers, but they bravely stand up and defend themselves. They (Israelis) ruin all religious sites. Today, struggle against this regime and the Zionist school of thought is a humanitarian struggle and concerns all mankind.
My dear ones, ‘Qods Day’ is a national, religious, and Islamic day. It is also a humane day. ‘Qods Day’ is a point for the unity of entire humanity to defend people’s dignity and rights. The ideal of freedom of Quds is a humane one. I need to tell you that even the European and American people detest Zionists. They feel humiliated by Zionists, and they feel that the Zionists have been imposed on them. We believe that the colonialist and arrogant leaders have started the Zionist movement. They then strengthened the Zionist movement to serve as a means of domination. They supported and developed it. But something has also happened. I believe that by the formation of the world Zionist network the Zionists have now dominated the fate of European governments as well as the American Administration. Take a look at world issues today. Let the world see and know that many Western governments are committed to defend the Zionists. They see their survival in the survival of the Zionists. Take a look at their election campaigns. Those who want to go to the parliament or take a government post need to commit themselves during their campaigns to supporting Zionists. The condition for attaining certain key posts in Europe and America is to be committed to supporting Zionists. If they want to become a head of government, they should first go to a Zionist forum to pay their respects and show their commitment and loyalty before they are allowed to appear on the political scene.

Allow me to mention a point to you here. Some European countries and American statesmen would tolerate any slogan against themselves and their countries. Some of them have told us that they don’t care if one chants slogans against them, but they want no one to chant slogans against the Zionists. (People chanting: «death to Israel») Some governments still officially pay ransom to Zionists. You should know that many huge companies in Europe and America would not enjoy the support of their governments before they have Zionist stakeholders. They are not allowed to carry out economic activities before that. In some European countries, the Zionists are exempted from paying taxes. Many Western media and networks, centers for publishing books and producing films are under the control of Zionists. The Zionists intend to gain control over the world. The world should know that Zionism is the complete image of racism in our era. Zionists do not value anyone but the members of their own party. If one would stand up to their crimes, even if he is the American President, they will put him under pressure and if they can they will assassinate him.
I want to tell you a few points here. The first point is addressed to the Iranian nation. I want to tell you, the dear ones, that because of your help, firm stance, and vigilance and since you followed the imam and the shining path of Velayat (the Guardianship), ‘Qods Day’ has turned into a day for revival of life, grandeur, and divine and humane values. Today, the Iranian nation is the flag-bearer of entire goodness in the world. You should know that being a flag-bearer on ‘Qods Day’ means being a flag-bearer of all divine and humane values that is being a flag-bearer of monotheism, justice, peace, friendship, and purity. You should know that the fight for liberating Palestine will guarantee national authority, security, and pride in the world. Standing against this regime (Israel) is a national, Islamic and humane duty. The world should know that the Iranian nation will never put down this flag of pride which it has gained under the light of Velayat. I would like to address the countries in the region and the free nations of the world. They should know that the only solution is to stand firm against the corrupt network of the global Zionism. This standing is a key to real independence and freedom. Otherwise, they will not allow anyone to feel the taste of independence and freedom. I want to tell you that you should prepare yourself. In any place in the world where there is a track of Zionists’ influence, you should stand firm against it. You should know that by the grace of God, the final victory belongs to free and revolutionary nations and to the global front of anti-Zionism.
I want to tell a point to some governments of the region (moderate Arab states –TG) . You are aware of your people’s wrath against the Zionist regime. You should know that this regime is declining. You should not associate yourself with this regime. You should know that the more you get closer to this regime, the more you detach yourself from your own people and weaken your own establishment. Stand by your own people. This will be to your advantage. Unfortunately, the names of some of you have been recorded in the long list of the crimes committed by the Zionists in Lebanon, Gaza, and Palestinian territories. Make efforts not to be stamped with the disgrace of accompanying the most vicious criminals of history. We are fond of you. This regime is doomed to collapse. Do not tie your fate with them.
I want to address the independent nations of the world. I want to tell them that the influence of the Zionist regime in any part of your culture, politics, and economy means that your independence is violated. They stick like ticks. Once they infiltrate, they will never stop.
An American university lecturer once told me that one of those people (Israeli Zionists) applied for employment in the university’s training college. The university was not employing anyone for five, six, or 10 years. Out of sympathy, I recommended that that person be employed. Later I left that university for some reason. When I returned to the university I saw that person had forced all independent lecturers out of that college in a mischievous manner and had brought in criminal Zionists instead. That is a characteristic of the Zionists.
(Addressing supporters of Israel) You should be careful not to allow your interests to be plundered by the Zionists. You should not accept disgraceful agreements under pressure by big powers. They (Zionists) will dominate your country later on.
I would also like to say a few words to a few governments that support that regime.
They (supporters of Israel-TG) must know that the life of that regime has come to an end, God be praised. People have read your hand and know about your plans. You must know that occupation and aggression has come to the end of its shelf life. You want a reason for that? It is very simple. You (Israel) are firing a $1 million missile to destroy a $5,000 building in Gaza. That is an equation for defeat. It is impossible for the side that spends $1 million to win.
That regime (Israel) does not have any future, I announce that it is nearing its end, most definitely.
(Addressing Western countries) You know that your own people in Europe and America are against them (Israelis). One day they (Israelis) were chanting the slogan of Nile to Euphrates, now they are building walls around themselves to protect their security. It is obvious that they are being destroyed and every day that passes the speed of their destruction increases many times. The philosophy of the existence of that regime has gone with the wind. We advise you to stop (supporting Israel). In your countries you hold a referendum to decide what kind of cheese to distribute among people. If you want to know how your own people think, you must organize referendums under the supervision of independent international foundations in your own countries to find out if your people are happy to pay taxes and you (spend them on) supporting Israel and being dominated by them (Israelis)? That is against your own interests.
That regime is about to go, do not tie your interests to it. You must know that even if 1,000 years go by, the nations of the region still would…(pauses) What do you think, recognize or not recognize that regime? (People reply: «Would not recognize») We’ve heard that they want to present new proposals (Obama new peace proposal to regenerate the peace process – TG). They must know that if these proposals don’t secure all of the Palestinian people’s rights, similar to their other plans and proposals, these proposals will also end up in the garbage can of history.

We are prepared to help. We have a humanitarian solution. The (Palestinian) refugees should be allowed to go back and the Palestinian nation should determine its own fate.
Moreover, the Palestinian people should know whatever achievements they have made is through their resistance. The enemy wants to create differences and undermine and uproot your resistance. You (Palestinians – TG) must know that righteousness will prevail. God is with those who fight in his path. You must know that the Iranian nation is by your side and will remain there until the end. The UN secretary general must publish a complete report on war crimes in Gaza. Criminals must be tried. That is what all nations are demanding.
Allow me to say a few final words. Your historic participation in the (recent presidential) election has angered the Zionist enemies. They intended to undermine the greatness of your achievements by resorting to a hue and cry in this or other parts of the world, gathering groups of people together in this or other parts of the world. They had planned various scenarios to harm the power and grandeur of the Iranian nation. Lately, they have said that they intend to bring a few people together in New York to make noises when we go there (to attend UN General Assembly meetings- TG). What I want to say is that the life of such mischievous moves has come to an end and they do not have any political usage.
The Iranian nation will not pay the slightest attention to such moves by you.
You must know that today the Iranian nation, with its glorious gathering here and around here and in all other cities, has once again announced that it is committed to the ideals of the revolution. The Iranian nation announced that it is living and flourishing, it is loyal to the ideals of the imam (Khomeyni) and its dear leader (Ayatollah Ali Khamene’i) such as the ideal of justice, monotheism, support for the oppressed, confrontation against aggressors, the ideal of morality, honesty, and spirituality. The world should know that the Iranian nation is committed to those ideals and will not lower the flag of dignity, honor, and freedom-seeking that it has hoisted. Blessings of God upon the Imam (Khomeyni), martyrs, and the selfless; blessing of God upon the great nation of Iran and its wise leadership; blessing of God upon you fasting people, believers and worshippers.
God bless you all.

Enviado por Enrique Ibañes