In English

Our... RULES

Since 2008!

1. Beers&Politics (B&P) events are conversations around a table in a bar.

2. The objective is to get to know each other and learn about a particular topic that is explained by an expert (although sometimes we end up talking about something else)

3. There is no fixed date for B&Ps. We do them when we can, when we feel like it, when we have a topic, a speaker, when somebody asks for it…

4. There is only only one speaker per event (although, in exceptional cases, we have had two) and one main topic.

5. Speakers usually talk for about 30 minutes, but this may vary (some speakers talk for 10 min others for 60 min).

6. Speakers can be interrupted by the audience at any moment during their presentation.

7. Our debates don’t stop after the hour is up, we keep talking in the bar for as long as we feel like.

8. Anyone can join or leave when they want (some people only come at the end and have a chat at the bar).

9. The organizers don’t do a lot of talking. They just present the speaker, say good-bye or ask questions.

10. During the events, speakers get their beers paid for by the organisers (only if they remind us). It is also possible to drink something else than beer ;).

11. We try not to invite politicians, or at least, not those in office at the time of the event.

12. The objective is also to discover new talents and young people who can teach us something new.

13. We aim at creating a cozy atmosphere by organizing small and informal gatherings (this is why all our events are advertised at short notice).

14. If you would like to organise a B&P event in your city, contact either Max (European Coordinator) or Xavier (Founder) and we will discuss it. The only requirement is to summarize the event (or Facebook Live) in order to share on the website what was learned during the event.