Address to Ukrainian people

Dear compatriots!

In the nearest time I will have a broad TV interview and answer all the questions. But today I would like to emphasize that there is no other option than to build a society of European standards in Ukraine. My policy has always been and will remain consistent in this context.

The reforms we implement prove that we are moving the European way.

We are building the state in which the human rights, equality before the law, the freedom of choice, social protection are the highest values for everyone, no matter in what region you live or at what square you go.

And as President, I would like to assure the citizens of Ukraine – I will develop and strengthen these undeniable foundations of our lives.

Nobody will steal our dream about Ukraine of equal opportunities, the European Ukraine. Nobody will get us away from the righteous way to this dream.

We have overcome a lot and there is still much to be overcome. Economic problems have always been, are and will always be the most difficult issue on this way.

But I would have been dishonest and unfair if I hadn’t taken care of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable who are the first to suffer from the burden of the transition period.

To put it mildly, I would have been wrong if I hadn’t done everything necessary for people not to loose their jobs, receive salaries, pensions and scholarships.

I want our big Ukrainian family to live in peace and serenity. As father who cannot leave his family without bread, I cannot leave people to their fate with problems that can emerge if, under pressure we feel, the production will be terminated and millions of citizens will be thrown into the street.

That is why I have to make difficult decisions. That is why sometimes I risk being misunderstood. That is why I ask our people to listen to me carefully today.

I will never make a single step to the detriment of Ukraine or people. The will of Ukrainian citizens have always been, is and will be decisive for every my decision.

I want people to know this.

Thank you for high civic consciousness. In the TV interview, I will tell in details about our joint steps and actions.

I hope for understanding and support.

I believe that we will overcome all the difficulties on the way of state development because there are no such obstacles that a wise and united nation couldn’t overcome.

We should never let anyone disturb us. The prayers and dreams of millions rely on the Lord’s decision.