A Rally Of Red Army Men At Khodynka

(Enthusiastic applause.) The Russian revolution has charted the road to socialism for the whole world and has shown the bourgeoisie that their triumph is coming to an end. Our revolution is taking place amidst the frightful hardships of world slaughter.

Revolutions are not made to order; but there are sure signs that the whole world is ready for great events.

We are surrounded by enemies who have concluded a holy alliance for the overthrow of the Soviet government, but they will not get power themselves.

The rejoicing of the whiteguard bands is prematuretheir success will be short-lived; unrest is already spreading among them.

The Red Army reinforced by the revolutionary proletariat will help us raise on high the banner of the world social revolution.

Victory or death!

We shall vanquish the world kulak and uphold the socialist cause!