Introduction to Beers&Politics

THE RULES 1. Beers&Politics (B&P) events are conversations around a table in a bar. 2. The objective is to get to know each other and learn about a particular topic that is explained by an expert (although sometimes we end up talking about something else) 3. There is no fixed date for B&Ps. We do them when we can, when […]

#BeersPoliticsEU welcomed Nereo Peñalver on Thursday 10/09. Nereo gave us an insider’s point of view on the first pan-European Presidential campaign, the so called Spitzenkandidaten. Nereo Peñalver is an expert on EU politics, currently working as foreign policy adviser in the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. He is the author, together with Sir Julian Priestley, of the book ‘The Making […]

We would like to thank Dave Sinardet (@DaveSinardet) for debating with the participants of Beers&Politics Brussels. As Dave Sinardet said: “If you think that you understand Belgian politics, it hasn’t been well explained to you”. It seems that Dave did a great job because, even if we now understand the basics of Belgian politics, we also noticed that going into […]